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Birds, Beasts and Butterflies

When I was in Santa Fe for Indian Market in 2017 I met Joanne Prince, the owner of Rainmaker Gallery in Bristol England. She has shown a few of my works in her gallery over the last year and invited me to be a part of her 2018 winter exhibition; Birds, Beasts and Butterflies.

Fifteen native artists from different tribes all over the United States will display work featuring animal themes from November 1st through February 28th 2019. She has curated a wonderful selection of work featuring birds, animals and butterflies. This has been a new experience for me shipping so many works internationally and don't get me started on the joys of customs paperwork.

I tend to work on a much larger scale but keeping international shipping in mind I made the decision to create a series of smaller pieces. It was a mental shift but the inspiration from the images of the birds and animals created a series encompasses my style in a smaller scale.

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