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New Year, New Opportunities

2018 was a year of growth. I participated in new markets, had the opening of my first group traveling exhibition and as well as my first group show abroad. I am looking toward 2019 with optimism and a list of plans and goals. It can be difficult to maintain focus and momentum, especially working in a home studio as I do now so having plans in writing is key to keeping myself on track. In 2019 I plan to work on building my social media presence, applying to additional markets, and working on new plans and proposals for gallery representation and exhibitions.

I have already been accepted to the Red Earth Festival in Oklahoma City for 2019. It isn't my first time showing at Red Earth but it is additional since I didn't participate in 2018. Off to a good start now to keep the momentum going!

I am also beginning the process of seriously seeking gallery representation locally and nationally. I started with a fantastic local shop, STASH Goods, right here in Norman Oklahoma. They picked up a few small pieces on consignment as well as a selection of prints and tote bags. It is a fantastic shop in the East Downtown area of main street. Together with the other shops in that area they have brought life and culture to the End of Main Street. If you get a chance to go by and check it out you will not be disappointed especially on Art Walk!

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